Bricks Breaking II

Bricks Breaking II

Break as many bricks as possible and beat your own records with higher scores

A simple game, yet incredibly fun. Colorful and pleasant graphics, and with an addictive play mode, Bricks Breaking II will make time fly quickly and you won't even notice.
All you need to do is concentrate and find groups of bricks of the same color with three or more bricks. Once you find a group just click on it to make it disappear, as simple as that. If you manage to destroy 15 bricks at once, you will get a bomb which you can use to eliminate a lot of bricks at once without even matching their colors.

The game will not finish until you loose, and that will happen once the bricks reach the top of the screen. The levels are increased depending on the score you have achieved, and each level has its speed gradually faster. The music and the graphics are very pleasant and will keep you entertained for many hours.

After you play the game once, you will want to try again to see if you're good enough to beat your own record, this is the primary reason why the game is so addictive. It is highly challenging and self motivating.

Review summary


  • Addictive and entertaining
  • Very fun and self motivating
  • Raises self esteem if you do good scores
  • Trains your reflexes a bit more


  • Highly time consuming
  • Eyes end up quite sore because of the intense visual focus required to win each level
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